VOE   Executive Leadership Team

Amber Clark

VOE Executive Leadership Team

Amber Clark, originally a native of Fairfax, Virginia, follows the mantra of "bloom where you are planted".  The best saying she has heard and has adopted personally is "People always want the grass on the other side of the fence, the lush green grass.  The grass you are standing on may not look that great.  It may need a lot of love and work.  But that grass has infinite possibilities, it has nowhere to go but up.  The grass you covet is already the best it will ever be."  This has served her well in her multiple moves, and reinventions of self, as a military spouse. 


Moving to areas where she has known not a single another person outside her family, and sometimes having never even been to the area before moving there, has allowed her to step out of her comfort zone, adapt quickly, become a resource for others and to continue her goal of leaving a place, person, or business better than it was before she came in contact with them, however big or small an improvement.  That was the driving force behind time spent as an ombudsman with the US Coast Guard, providing a link between the command and families as well as information and resources as needed.  Amber's background is in clerical and administrative support of varied sorts.  Naturally empathetic, combined with a degree in sociology and psychology, she is intrigued by human nature and strives to enhance the lives she touches. 

Stephanie Grissom

VOE Executive Leadership Team

As a loving daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin and sister, Stephanie has been shown the power of being encouraged by the women in her circle.  This knowledge has motivated her to dedicate her life to facilitate the uplifting and upward mobility of African American teens and young adults.

A native of Washington, D.C., Stephanie centralized her focus to African American teens and young adults in the Metropolitan area.   Stephanie works in higher education as an Academic Advisor.  It has been through this career path she has made a huge impact on those in her community.  She strongly advocates for education and the potential success one can achieve with scholastic accomplishments.

Stephanie earned her Master in Public Administration degree from Bowie State University and her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  She is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.  It is through this membership that she participates in community service and outreach.  She is also a member of Delta Mu Delta Business, Phi Eta Sigma Freshmen, and Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Societies.   

African American literature and female writers are also her inspirations.  Most of her teachings come from her grandmother Lucy who incorporated biblical teaching for everyday life. It is from this combination that Stephanie has aligned her life and is excited to see that synergy come to life by supporting the mission of Voices of Encouragement

Theadora Whitley

VOE Executive Leadership Team

Theadora (Teddi) Whitley was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She is the granddaughter of the late Rev. James Spearman (Bellmont Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY). Her grandparents were a huge influence in her life growing up. Serving her local community at the early age of 14, she witnessed the power of hope and encouragement when presented with love and compassion. Her grandmother taught her, that prayer changes things! Teddi has taken on this mission to heart and continue to witness lives changed by truth and the power of prayer. Teddi organized the prayer ministry in her local church and provided prayer spa's, led women care groups (bible studies) and assist with teaching leadership prep classes. Out of several years of ministry, Walking In the Truth Ministries (WITT) was birth. A five-fold bible-teaching ministry focused on supporting women by initiating and igniting the truth of God's Word in all situations. Provide support and resources related to domestic abuse. Promote and equip married couples with the courage to move forward and bring healing to their marriages. No matter what the situation, rather it is a story or parable from the bible, or someone sharing their most intimate and many times shameful details of their lives.  Eventually, we come full circle, to the question:  "What is true"?Teddi has worked as an IT Consultant for over 15 years for a major consulting firm. She has a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems and Certified in Knowledge and Data Management consulting."I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth" 3 John 4 (NIV)

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