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What Are they Saying?


Porsche Green 

"I went to one of the Voices of Encouragement workshops for the first time this year. I went expecting to hear a friend deliver a workshop on journaling, but left unexpectedly full and confident as an entrepreneur. VOE is more than just a networking opportunity because the facilitators lead discussions that help to encourage you and leave you with a sense of purpose. I have been struggling to step out as an entrepreneur because of fear and lack of confidence. The scriptures and stories that these women provided created a safe space for me to voice the challenges I face as a small business owner. After the program, I had restored faith in myself and that led me to reach out to a business partner. He was interested in my program and offered me an amazing opportunity. I now understand the value of surrounding myself with like-minded women. 



Sybil Davis

“These workshops have always been rewarding, and I have looked forward to the annual gatherings of familiar and new faces.  I especially liked the reflections of the past gatherings that give me and others a snapshot of the growth in our lives. It's additionally rewarding to see how each of us has been blessed after sharing our desires hopes and seeing them come to fruition. The Power of Prayer.  These are amazing women that have shared their hopes, heartaches, and dreams. I have been blessed by their stories. I Praise the Lord for Edna in having a vision of healing for our lives.  I have watched the development of her desire to bring women together to share and support one another. One of the amazing things that have happened is that I was being fulfilled in a warm and supportive way, and I always felt the comfort of her kindness and wisdom.”



Elizabeth Clayton

 “Voices of Encouragement Breakfast was absolutely wonderful! I can't say enough about the speakers. Thank you, ladies, for your honesty, wit, humor, and guts to speak the tough truth so many would never be willing to share. Your bold, brilliance brings light to so many of us who have been in self-imposed isolation, feeling alone in the dark for far too long. Insights are shared on the challenges faced by families today when managing their personal finances, the three reasons why people fail when it comes to their money, and what they can do now to address it.  Discover how you can ensure that you are building your financial 'house' properly and get educated on the rules of How Money Works, including the Rule of 72, the Theory of Decreasing Responsibility, and saving/investing for the future.  Obtain specific action steps so that they can take control of your finances and learn how you can obtain a Financial Needs Analysis to ensure you have a written plan in place to properly protect their families, get out of debt and become financially independent.

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