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Client Endorsements 

ARM Consulting, LLC 
“I strongly recommend VOE’s professional services because they are careful listeners, incredibly effective in helping individuals and organizations identify what is important with the innate ability to help you stay focused on what is most important - to yourself - and the Company as a whole.”         Angela Mitchell, CEO


Confident Career Women, LLC 
“I’ll go one step further to say that when you equip, empower and encourage a woman, you transform not only her life but you positively impact the lives of those connected to her household benefits as well as her community and her colleagues. This is an example of the impactful training and awareness provided by VOE. With this in mind, I believe a partnership with VOE will be extremely beneficial for your audience.”                                Erika Spradley, Owner


D.A. Lewis Consulting, LLC 
“Ms. Howard guided me as I explored areas such as ministry, career and relationships; she empowered me to develop and incorporate daily gratitude and positive affirmations to rewire negative thoughts and patterns from my life. Incorporating positive affirmations has helped me to embrace my future with much more confidence and optimism.”

                                                  Denise Lewis, President

Steadman Alexander Marketing & PR
“Led by Ms. Howard’s drive to bring excellence to her work, VOE embodies integrity, compassion, and kindness. VOE is an example of an organization that is looking to have a lasting impact on people and their communities and providing them with the ability to encourage others.” 

                                                   Lorna Campbell Clarke, Founder

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